Art Glass by Tom Holdman

Holdman Studios has been designing since 1988. We have been commissioned world wide to design and create various projects in glass, each unique in its own style and design. Many projects have been done for commercial buildings, private residences, religious institutions and public art projects.

These endeavors have ranged in art glass consisting of carved, leaded, hand painted, slumped and fused glass. These undertakings have been as large as over 5,000 square feet consisting of over 40,000 individual pieces of glass hand soldered together. Public project commissions have been from $40,000 up to a million. Other projects have ranged from $5,000 to $560,000. Holdman Studios artwork has been showcased in many National and International magazines and newspapers including the Ensign, USA Today and New York Times. The studio’s glass hangs in all 50 states and countless countries world wide.

Under the supervision of Tom Holdman, the Holdman Studios team of artists designs every art glass window from scratch.
Some of the most noteworthy clients we have designed and built for are:
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Roman Catholic Church, many Protestant churches, Thanksgiving Point, Wadsworth Brothers Construction, St. George City, the Clyde Companies and Brigham Young University.

We Create Custom Art For You

At Holdman Studios, we pride ourselves not only on the amazing quality and beauty of our art pieces but also on our one-of-a-kind custom designs.

We would love to create a custom, heirloom art piece for you. Complete the short form below and we’ll contact you personally to discuss the details. Let’s us help make your vision a reality!


Tom Holdman felt moved to create an art glass studio as a young man. Finding no available educational opportunity in this specific field, he learned through trial and error. His vision was opened to possibilities as he traveled throughout Europe to study stained glass and the lost art of painting on glass-while sleeping in his car most nights. Through much experimentation, he learned the ancient art form of using crushed, powdered glass as a paint applied to a glass surface and fired to 1200 degrees. This allowed Tom to get the detail that was so prevalent in these ancient windows. He now has been able to revive this art form with modern tools, such as airbrushing, to get much more detail then has been possible in the recent past.

Tom also created a state-of-the-art glass blowing facility. This allowed Holdman Studios to merge 2 dimensional stained glass with aspects of the 3 dimensional form of glass blowing, thus creating entirely new design possibilities. The facility also offered an opportunity for the studio to make one-of-a-kind glass colors, which could then be used in the creation of unique and customized stained glass.